Shocking: France Joins the Elite Hypersonic Club

Shocking: France Joins The Elite Hypersonic Club

France propels itself into the limelight as the latest member of an exclusive group of countries boasting hypersonic capabilities. This success story follows the initial flight of the V-MAX (Véhicule Manoeuvrant Expérimental), a hypersonic glider, as publicly declared by the Direction générale de l’armement (DGA). First Flight of Hypersonic Glider V-MAX The V-MAX program, introduced … Read more

Billion-dollar Venture: Thales Launches Groundbreaking Project

Billion Dollar Venture: Thales Launches Groundbreaking Project

Thales, a leading technology company, is set to spearhead a groundbreaking project aimed at enhancing the collaborative combat prowess of European ground forces. Thales’ remit involves the orchestration of several combat systems including France’s SCORPION program and Sweden’s Ledningsstödsystem Mark, both of which are integral to the operations of European ground forces. The LATACC program, … Read more

Revealed: The Secret Weapon of Air Parachute Commando n°30!

Revealed: The Secret Weapon Of Air Parachute Commando N30!

The Air Parachute Commando n°30 (CPA 30) is set to be equipped with tactical lightweight drone systems, promising a new level of flexibility for special operations. The lightweight drones, of the MAME (Medium Altitude Medium Endurance) type, can be used for intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance. As the preferred unit within the Air Special Forces … Read more

Spain Shells Out Whopping 500 Million Euros for SIRTAP Drones!

Spain Shells Out Whopping 500 Million Euros For Sirtap Drones!

The Spanish government has officially signed a hefty 500 million euro deal with Airbus for the procurement of 17 SIRTAP tactical drones. A decision which marks a significant milestone in the country’s defense sector. The SIRTAP program had received the green light from Spain in April. The new SIRTAP unmanned aircraft are set to replace … Read more