Unveiling the Secret Behind Ukraine’s New Artillery Power-Up

Unveiling The Secret Behind Ukraine's New Artillery Power Up

Ukraine’s artillery needs are being addressed with the delivery of 49 CAESAr 155mm artillery system trucks by the end of 2023. The majority of these come from the French army, with Denmark also contributing. Nexter, a French company, will provide an additional six units. This article explores the effectiveness of these artillery systems and future … Read more

Attention: France Takes the Lead in Arming Ukraine with Artillery!

Attention: France Takes The Lead In Arming Ukraine With Artillery!

France is leading the charge in supporting Ukraine with artillery systems, setting a precedent in terms of international cooperation and military support. Delivery of CAESAr Artillery Systems to Ukraine France is planning to deliver 78 CAESAr artillery systems to Ukraine. So far, 49 systems have been supplied, with 30 coming from the French Army’s inventory … Read more

Uncover the Unsettling Changes in France’s Nuclear Realm

Uncover The Unsettling Changes In France's Nuclear Realm

Big changes are underway at the Direction des applications militaires (DAM), part of the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA). Long-time head Vincenzo Salvetti has stepped down, and his replacement is already making waves. Demoment Takes the Helm Jérôme Demoment has been appointed as the new head of the DAM, assuming the role … Read more

The Fearful Giant: France’s New Behemoth Submarine

The Fearful Giant: France's New Behemoth Submarine

Work has officially begun on the construction of the first third-generation nuclear ballistic missile submarine, known colloquially as the SNLE 3G. This event, held in Cherbourg on the 20th of March, saw an assembly of key French military officials and significant participants of the defense industry. The Driving Forces Behind The Program The program’s leadership … Read more

Will 50 French Tanks Ready in Romania Change the Balance of Power?

Will 50 French Tanks Ready In Romania Change The Balance Of Power

In response to ongoing tensions in Ukraine, the French Army has announced its intention to station up to 50 Leclerc tanks in Romania in the coming year. Why Romania? This deployment comes as a result of the unfolding conflict in Ukraine and is consistent with established NATO agreements. The chosen location for this operation is … Read more

Shocking: Unforeseen Coup Strikes Niger President Out of nowhere!

Shocking: Unforeseen Coup Strikes Niger President Out Of Nowhere!

The unexpected coup against Niger’s president, Mohamed Bazoum, on July 26, 2023, has sent shockwaves across the globe. Sylvain Itté, French ambassador to Niger, shares his insights into the events. Unpredictability as the Norm According to Itté, the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) was blindsided by the coup, largely due to their primary focus on … Read more

Shocking: France Joins the Elite Hypersonic Club

Shocking: France Joins The Elite Hypersonic Club

France propels itself into the limelight as the latest member of an exclusive group of countries boasting hypersonic capabilities. This success story follows the initial flight of the V-MAX (Véhicule Manoeuvrant Expérimental), a hypersonic glider, as publicly declared by the Direction générale de l’armement (DGA). First Flight of Hypersonic Glider V-MAX The V-MAX program, introduced … Read more

Warning: France’s Military Aviation Might Set to Skyrocket!

Warning: France's Military Aviation Might Set To Skyrocket!

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has recently made an impressive move by securing an order for an additional 42 Rafale F4 aircraft, indicating a significant boost in its military aviation capabilities. Contract Details Valued at over 5 billion euros, this deal stands as a testament to the fulfillment of the 2019-25 Military Programming … Read more

Malaysia and France Unite Against China’s South China Sea Intrusion!

Malaysia And France Unite Against China's South China Sea Intrusion!

Malaysia and France are poised to reinforce their military ties in response to an escalating situation in the contested South China Sea region. With China moving to control the reefs “James Shoal” and “Luconia Shoal” in the area administered by Malaysia, the diplomatic movements between France and Malaysia have accelerated. Chinese “fishermen” are regularly seen … Read more

Why Is Kazakhstan Eyeing Rafale Fighter-Bombers From France?

Why Is Kazakhstan Eyeing Rafale Fighter Bombers From France

Reports are circulating that Kazakhstan may be looking to purchase Rafale fighter-bombers from France. However, this would represent a significant shift in Kazakhstan’s military doctrine, which has traditionally favored Russian military equipment. French President Macron has recently voiced his support for stronger ties between France and Kazakhstan. He has applauded Kazakhstan’s decision not to follow … Read more