The Fearful Giant: France’s New Behemoth Submarine

The Fearful Giant: France's New Behemoth Submarine

Work has officially begun on the construction of the first third-generation nuclear ballistic missile submarine, known colloquially as the SNLE 3G. This event, held in Cherbourg on the 20th of March, saw an assembly of key French military officials and significant participants of the defense industry. The Driving Forces Behind The Program The program’s leadership … Read more

Discover Why France’s New Beast of the Sea Sparks Fear

Discover Why France's New Beast Of The Sea Sparks Fear

Discover the progression of the “Duguay-Trouin,” the French Navy’s second nuclear attack submarine, as it advances towards becoming fully operational. With cutting-edge technology onboard and rigorous testing underway, this is a journey you won’t want to miss. Duguay-Trouin: Journey towards Operational Excellence The Duguay-Trouin, France’s second nuclear attack submarine, is in the process of verifying … Read more

Shocking Secret about the Submarine Casabianca Declassified!

Shocking Secret About The Submarine Casabianca Declassified!

The former French nuclear attack submarine, Casabianca, may be set for a new life as an exhibition piece. Based in Cherbourg and currently awaiting dismantlement, the vessel could potentially be transformed into a museum, according to unconfirmed reports. It’s been suggested that this idea was proposed during a confidential meeting by an unidentified Naval Group … Read more