Warning! New Anti-Drone Defense System Has Hit the Market

An integrated with an Armored Forward Vehicle (VAB) has passed the latest firing tests, as confirmed by the Technical Section of the Land Army (STAT).

This innovative VAB ARLAD was successfully developed to handle an operational emergency. The system is designed with a sophisticated anti-drone radar and a robust 12.7mm machine gun. However, realizing the machine gun's limitations, a 40mm grenade launcher was included to boost its functions.

Providing an operational range of 2500 meters, the radar installed within the vehicle has the capacity to spot a mini-drone. The VAB ARLAD has now entered mass production, marking its position in the Land Army, mainly within the Training Center (LATTA).

VAB ARLAD Development and Future Needs

The creation of the VAB ARLAD saw the collaboration of Arquus and CS Group. As per current plans, only 12 units will be in active service. This number is viewed as inadequate considering the rapidly increasing presence of on the battlefield.

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As per the Programming Law (LPM) set for 2024-30, the Land Army is set to receive 36 light multirole armored vehicles (VBMR-L) Serval committed to air defense. Interestingly, two-thirds of these vehicles will be equipped with a MISTRAL turret, in addition to the VAB ARLADs.

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