Warning! New Anti-Drone Defense System Has Hit the Market

Warning! New Anti Drone Defense System Has Hit The Market

An anti-drone system integrated with an Armored Forward Vehicle (VAB) has passed the latest firing tests, as confirmed by the Technical Section of the Land Army (STAT). This innovative VAB ARLAD was successfully developed to handle an operational emergency. The system is designed with a sophisticated anti-drone radar and a robust 12.7mm machine gun. However, … Read more

Are Our Skies Really Safe? Troubling Findings on Anti-Drone PARADE System

Are Our Skies Really Safe Troubling Findings On Anti Drone Parade System

Despite the growing threat of malicious drones, the anti-drone system PARADE faces major challenges in its early stages. A Troubling Performance The PARADE anti-drone system showed disappointing results in the Coubertin 1 and 2 tests. It was able to detect only one in three malicious drones at a distance of 800 meters during the Coubertin … Read more