Shocking Dismissal: Top Danish General Sacked in Controversy!

Shocking Dismissal: Top Danish General Sacked In Controversy!

A recent development in the Danish defence sector has sparked controversy, with the dismissal of General Flemming Lentfer, the former head of the Danish forces. The intrigue surrounding his abrupt dislodgement and the potential impending legal battle promises an eye-opening glimpse into the dynamics between the military and political power in Denmark. Lentfer’s Abrupt Dismissal … Read more

The Next Generation Aircraft Carrier: A Name That Could Shock You

The Next Generation Aircraft Carrier: A Name That Could Shock You

Intriguing deliberations are ongoing about the name for the next generation aircraft carrier, or PA NG. What name will ultimately grace this impressive vessel? The Historical Service of Defence (SHD) typically selects names for such military vessels. These names usually draw inspiration from a range of sources such as virtues, natural environments, the spirit of … Read more

Shocking Changes in Australian Navy that You Wouldn’t Believe!

Shocking Changes In Australian Navy That You Wouldn't Believe!

This article unveils the latest developments in Australian naval strategy, revealing a comprehensive plan to bolster the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to unprecedented strength. The ambitious scheme will see the replacement of French contract with an ambitious AUKUS pact, all wrapped up in a fresh strategic review by the Australian Department of Defence. Dismissing French … Read more

Is Germany Abandoning the Future Air Combat System?

Is Germany Abandoning The Future Air Combat System

Le Times a récemment évoqué la possibilité que l’Allemagne renonce au Système de combat aérien du futur (SCAF) en faveur du Global Air Combat Programme (GCAP). Cette affirmation a été rapidement démentie par le ministère allemand de la Défense, qui a confirmé son soutien au projet SCAF, mené conjointement avec la France et l’Espagne. Le … Read more