Why France’s Tanks are Better: The Words of a High Rank Military

Why France's Tanks Are Better: The Words Of A High Rank Military

Le général Pierre Schill, chef d’état-major de l’armée de Terre, a mis en lumière le sujet du futur char de combat. Il a évoqué les désavantages des chars russes en Ukraine et ceux israéliens lors des attaques du Hamas en octobre 2021. La question de l’utilisation tactique des chars Le Général Schill a souligné que … Read more

Why Is Kazakhstan Eyeing Rafale Fighter-Bombers From France?

Why Is Kazakhstan Eyeing Rafale Fighter Bombers From France

Reports are circulating that Kazakhstan may be looking to purchase Rafale fighter-bombers from France. However, this would represent a significant shift in Kazakhstan’s military doctrine, which has traditionally favored Russian military equipment. French President Macron has recently voiced his support for stronger ties between France and Kazakhstan. He has applauded Kazakhstan’s decision not to follow … Read more

Is Space the New Frontier for Maritime Operations?

Is Space The New Frontier For Maritime Operations

Navigating the vast expanses of the sea has just taken an interesting turn with the Naval Group partnering with CNES to exploit space technology for enhanced maritime operations. Space Technology in Maritime Operations The Naval Group’s recent collaboration with CNES, the French government’s space agency, marks a significant step towards integrating space technology into naval … Read more

Why France Might Be In Danger Without Heavy Transport Helicopters

Why France Might Be In Danger Without Heavy Transport Helicopters

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has recently addressed the question of the non-acquisition of heavy transport helicopters (HTL) in the French Army. The question came from a Member of Parliament who noted the lack of such assets compared to France’s allies. Lack of Heavy Transport Helicopters The absence of HTL was criticized in … Read more

The M-55, A Cold War Relic Might Invade Ukrainian Skies

The M 55 A Cold War Relic Might Invade Ukrainian Skies

The Miassichtchev M-55, the Soviet’s response to the U.S. U2 spy plane, could soon be soaring the Ukrainian skies again. A recent development stirring curiosity and surprise among defense experts worldwide. Background In the 1950s, the U.S. Air Force initiated the Genitrix program with the mission of sending stratospheric balloons over the Soviet Union and … Read more

Are African Armies Ahead with French Staff Officer Training?

Are African Armies Ahead With French Staff Officer Training

Marking a new chapter in military cooperation, the French Army has recently introduced its first staff officer training program for African officers. This development transpired in the Military Schools of Draguignan, spearheaded by General Marc Conruyt. The idea for this training program came to light more than ten years ago by General Bertrand Ract-Madoux. He … Read more

End of an Era: Boeing’s E-7A Aircraft to Replace NATO’s Fleet

End Of An Era: Boeing's E 7a Aircraft To Replace Nato's Fleet

Boeing’s E-7A Wedgetail aircraft is set to replace NATO’s fleet of 14 E-3A Sentry advanced warning aircraft. With the E-3A aircraft reaching the end of their lifespan in the early 2030s, the decision for their replacement seems timely and practical. Managed by NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Programme Management Agency (NAPMA), the E-3A aircraft … Read more

Is Germany Abandoning the Future Air Combat System?

Is Germany Abandoning The Future Air Combat System

Le Times a récemment évoqué la possibilité que l’Allemagne renonce au Système de combat aérien du futur (SCAF) en faveur du Global Air Combat Programme (GCAP). Cette affirmation a été rapidement démentie par le ministère allemand de la Défense, qui a confirmé son soutien au projet SCAF, mené conjointement avec la France et l’Espagne. Le … Read more

“The US Could Be Jordan’s Saving Grace in the Face of Middle East Conflict”

As conflict escalates in the Middle East, the Jordanian government seeks aid from the United States in bolstering their defenses. Amidst the growing tensions, this article explores the intricate dynamics of the region and the potential implications for Jordan and its security. Rising Tensions in the Region Just twenty days after the terrorist attacks led … Read more

Warning! Russia’s Ominous Silence in Ukraine Conflict Explained

Warning! Russia's Ominous Silence In Ukraine Conflict Explained

This article reviews the recent developments in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, highlighting the Ukrainian military challenges and Russia’s potential strategic moves. In the last month, no attacks have been initiated on Ukraine by Russian strategic bombers, specifically the Tu-95 “Bear”, Tu-22 “Backfire”, and Tu-160 “Blackjack”. This marks a stark contrast to the … Read more