Artificial Intelligence: The Future of French Military Tactics?

The is integrating (AI) for its tactical operational decisions. Highlighting a new era of tech-savvy operations, General Pierre Schill underlines the significant role of AI in weapon systems and processes.

AI: A Game Changer in Military Tactics

One major advantage of AI inclusion is its ability to accelerate decision-making loops and help in maneuver planning. AI contributes in improving data processing and simplifying access to information. This allows military planners to concentrate on devising operational solutions and foreseeing future scenarios.

The DGA Launches an AI Challenge

The General Directorate of Armament (DGA) initiated a challenge in July 2018. This was aimed at developing an AI solution that could assist with ancillary, repetitive, and low-value tasks, thus freeing up the personnels for more complex tasks.

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Integration of AI Algorithms into MEDOT

The Innovation Agency (AID), functioning under the DGA, proposed the integration of AI algorithms into the Method of developing a tactical operational decision (MEDOT). MEDOT is a procedure which involves an in-depth analysis of a specific situation to determine the key points of a potential maneuver.

Call for External Collaboration

AID is exploring potential collaborations with external players who can assist in tactical decision-making related to MEDOT. They are particularly interested in those who can use pre-identified training data for this purpose. The project submissions have the potential to enhance intermediate steps or even influence the final decision on the choice of action.

Project Participation and Evaluation

Participants have the opportunity to perfect their solutions during a school exercise scheduled in September. The proposed solutions will then be assessed during an exercise at the staff school in Saumur in November.

Application Development

The applications developed through this initiative should have the ability to function offline. They may also consider utilizing the software development kit of the Artemis.IA platform.

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