Unveiling the Futuristic Armed Combat: New MGCS Project Breakthroughs

Progress is being made in the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) project, with French and German manufacturers reaching a significant agreement. A recent restructuring of the program and a focus on the needs of the armies have facilitated this development.

Previously, the MGCS project faced roadblocks due to disagreements on technological choices and imbalances brought about by the entry of Rheinmetall. The current consensus is set to be reviewed by the Bundestag's Finance Committee, with required investments exceeding 25 million euros.

It's noteworthy that the MGCS aims not only to create a “combat tank of the future.” In addition, a larger “family of systems” encompassing a combat “cloud,” robots, , and the like are in the works.

The project comprises eight key components:

  • Platform and automated navigation
  • Turrets, guns, and ammunition
  • Secondary armament
  • Communication and command system
  • Simulation
  • Sensor technology
  • Protection and against drones
  • Logistics, support, and infrastructure

The tank's crew will consist of two to three individuals, housed in a highly secured compartment. The turret will be automated and downsized.

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The tank's chassis will serve as the base for other vehicles within the program. It is expected that the tank will be a hybrid. Yet, there's still debate regarding the MGCS's main armament caliber. Rheinmetall advocates for a 130mm gun, whereas KNDS backs a 140mm gun that uses telescoped shells and “smart ammunition for shots beyond direct sight”.

The tank's weight is set to be lower than current standards, adding another layer of innovation to this project.

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