“Revolutionary Hospital Partnership Shakes Up Healthcare Sector!”

The 7th Army Medical Center (CMA) has embarked on an exciting venture with a privately owned hospital, marking a significant progression in the healthcare sector.

Collaboration with Saint Joseph Saint Luc Hospital

The Saint Joseph Saint Luc hospital in Lyon is the chosen partner for this collaboration, marking a first in the healthcare industry where a private hospital associates with a structure of the Army Health Service. This revolutionary partnership will facilitate and streamline the healthcare pathway for both and civilian personnel under the care of the 7th CMA.

Expertise and Reference Center

The agreement also presents support for specialized areas, or ‘expertise activity'. As the Desgenettes HIA undergoes transformation, the Saint Joseph Saint Luc hospital emerges as the new reference center for personnel. This partnership ensures a seamless and comprehensive care pathway for everyone involved.

Adapting to Military Constraints

Being a military organization, there are specific constraints to consider during mission departures or returns. The Saint Joseph Saint Luc hospital is more than prepared to adapt to these constraints, making the healthcare journey smoother for .

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Trust and the Bigger Picture

The agreement on this partnership is an indication of the military institution's trust in Saint Joseph Saint Luc hospital. This collaboration is part of the multi-year protocol dated April 11, 2022, which involves the Ministries of the , Health, and Budget. The goal is to address and better cater to the health needs of the broader population, with a special focus on the specific needs in the health field.

Targeting Health Issues in Lyon

Based in Lyon, the 7th CMA is responsible for overseeing the medical reception units primarily based in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. With their partnership, Saint Joseph Saint Luc hospital can now play a leading role in addressing health issues in the Lyon metropolitan area.

Establishing Professional Bridges

This partnership also aims to establish professional links between the doctors of the 7th CMA and those at Saint Joseph Saint Luc hospital. This provides an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, enhancing the overall quality of care rendered.

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