Breaking News! Denmark Says Yes to US-Led Operation in Red Sea

Breaking News! Denmark Says Yes To Us Led Operation In Red Sea

Denmark has officially announced its intention to participate in a US-led operation in the Red Sea. The Danish Defense Minister confirmed that a frigate and a staff officer would be sent to aid in the planning of the operation. This decision comes in response to Houthi attacks disrupting the shipping activities of Danish company, Maersk. … Read more

Attention! Houthi Rebels Attack 23 Ships in Red Sea – US Retaliates!

Attention! Houthi Rebels Attack 23 Ships In Red Sea Us Retaliates!

Maritime traffic near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait in the Red Sea has faced aggressive acts with 23 attacks initiated by Houthi rebels. This escalating tension has provoked a response from the US Navy, resulting in the sinking of three boats that were threatening the Maersk Hangzhou container ship. Here’s more on the situation. US Navy’s … Read more

Is Maritime Security in the Red Sea Collapsing?

Is Maritime Security In The Red Sea Collapsing

Maritime security in the Red Sea is under a constant threat. The latest series of events indicates the severity of the situation, with international forces having to intercept numerous illicit activities. US Centcom reports that the USS Mason intercepted both a drone and an anti-ship ballistic missile, launched from territories controlled by the Houthi forces … Read more

US and UK Forces Battle Hostile Drones Over Red Sea

Us And Uk Forces Battle Hostile Drones Over Red Sea

Les eaux agitées de la mer Rouge ont récemment été le théâtre d’un conflit de drones. Les forces navales américaines et britanniques ont ainsi neutralisé 15 drones présumés hostiles. Suspension de la navigation dans le détroit Maersk et Hapag-Lloyd AG, deux géants mondiaux de l’armement maritime, ont interrompu la navigation de leurs navires dans le … Read more