Shocking: Russia Builds Presence in the Red Sea, What You Need to Know

Keeping a keen eye on the shifting naval dynamics, the rising presence of Russian vessels in the Red Sea is garnering attention. The occurrence has been noted amidst significant naval operations by the US and EU, and increased railway good transport between Asia and Europe.

Russian Deployment in the Red Sea

Reports suggest that has moved at least one frigate and a cruiser into the Red Sea. The two Russian vessels in question, currently navigating through these waters, are the cruiser Varyag and the frigate Marshal Chapochnikov. The latter has recently docked at the port of Massawa, Eritrea, marking a long-distance sea voyage. The current location of the cruiser Varyag, however, remains unknown.

Naval Exercise Milan 2024

In February, India presided over the twelfth edition of the naval exercise Milan 2024. The exercise, aimed at strengthening operational interaction between friendly navies and gaining experience in multinational operations, saw participation from twenty ships and several from various countries including , USA, and Russia.

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Russian Vessels Post-Exercise

Post the exercise, three Russian vessels, namely the cruiser Varyag, the frigate Marshal Chapochnikov, and the supply tanker Boris Boutoma, stayed back in the region. These ships participated in another exercise focusing on maritime economic activities safety and the release of ships hijacked by pirates in the Indian Sea, this time with China and Iran.

The Red Sea Dynamics

Given the recent naval operations “Guardian of Prosperity” and “Aspides” launched by the US and EU respectively, aimed at protecting commercial traffic from Houthi rebel , the presence of Russian vessels raises certain questions. Interestingly, the rebel attacks have resulted in a 40% increase in railway goods transport between Asia and Europe, benefiting Russia.

Diplomatic Milestones

The stopover of the frigate Marshal Chapochnikov at the port of Massawa isn't just about navigational needs. It is also to celebrate a diplomatic milestone – thirty years of diplomatic relations between Moscow and Asmara.

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It's worth noting that this mission mirrors the one undertaken by the frigate Admiral Tribouts, the tanker Boris Butoma, and the cruiser Varyag between December 2021 and November 2022.

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