Thales: Shocking New Security Agreement with Dutch Forces

Thales: Shocking New Security Agreement With Dutch Forces

In a bold step forward, Thales, the renowned radar technology company, is set to deliver seven more Ground Master 200 MM/C radars to the Dutch Armed Forces. This follows an initial agreement with the Dutch Ministry of Defence and is a testament to the impressive capabilities of these advanced units. Thales first announced this arrangement … Read more

Unveiling the Future: Thales’ Revolutionary AI Journey

Unveiling The Future: Thales' Revolutionary Ai Journey

Get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Thales, a French defense electronics company, and its innovative leap into harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Thales has made a noteworthy stride forward in its AI journey with the establishment of a new group called “cortAIx”. This group is committed to supporting secured solutions for … Read more

Is Italy Ready for the Unexpected? Strengthening Aerial Defense Capabilities

Is Italy Ready For The Unexpected Strengthening Aerial Defense Capabilities

The Italian Army is set to strengthen its aerial defense abilities with four more SAMP/T NG systems. This move marks a significant shift to modernize their capabilities against increasingly complex threats. Currently, the Army’s anti-aircraft arsenal includes only MISTRAL, a lightweight anti-aircraft portable missile. This follows the withdrawal of short-range Roland air-defense missiles and 20mm … Read more

Billion-dollar Venture: Thales Launches Groundbreaking Project

Billion Dollar Venture: Thales Launches Groundbreaking Project

Thales, a leading technology company, is set to spearhead a groundbreaking project aimed at enhancing the collaborative combat prowess of European ground forces. Thales’ remit involves the orchestration of several combat systems including France’s SCORPION program and Sweden’s Ledningsstödsystem Mark, both of which are integral to the operations of European ground forces. The LATACC program, … Read more