Is Airbus Eyeing Saudi Arabia for its A400M-Aircraft Sales?

Is Airbus Eyeing Saudi Arabia For Its A400m Aircraft Sales

The A400M’s initial export potential was estimated at 280 aircraft. However, to date, Airbus has secured only three foreign buyers: Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia. The likely drop in earnings, due to fewer sales, is currently estimated at several billion euros. Challenges in Securing Licenses However, this veto was recently lifted, opening the door for potential … Read more

Germany Fuels Lithuania’s Defense with Leopard Tanks

Germany Fuels Lithuania's Defense With Leopard Tanks

In a move to ensure strong national security, Lithuania is set to acquire Leopard 2 tanks from Germany. This action, partially driven by concerns from a potentially hostile neighbor, Belarus, is a clear indication of Lithuania’s commitment to protect its strategic location, the Suwalki corridor, the only link between the Baltic countries and the rest … Read more

Permanent German Brigade in Lithuania: The New Shape of European Defense?

Permanent German Brigade In Lithuania: The New Shape Of European Defense

Germany and Lithuania have embarked on a pivotal chapter in their military partnership, with an agreement that will see a permanent German armoured brigade stationed in Lithuania. This action is indicative of the two countries’ collaborative commitment to bolster regional security. Brigade Details and Deployment The newly signed agreement reveals plans for a brigade consisting … Read more

Beware! Germany’s Defense System Upgrade Challenges: What You Should Know

Beware! Germany's Defense System Upgrade Challenges: What You Should Know

Germany has encountered significant challenges in updating its defense system, with costs skyrocketing far beyond the original budget. The focus of this defense upgrade seeks to enhance anti-drone capabilities and adapt to contemporary warfare situations. Defense Upgrade and Its Challenges The defense upgrade was planned to proceed under the TLVS program. This program leans on … Read more

“Wave of Fear: Revolutionary Super Sonic Strike Missile in the Making”

Germany and Norway are in the early stages of creating a revolutionary supersonic anti-ship missile known as the Super Sonic Strike Missile [3SM] Tyrfing. Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram of Norway has made the announcement about this ambitious project. The missile development is being spearheaded by a prominent Norwegian collective, Kongsberg. With an anticipated completion … Read more

Is Germany Abandoning the Future Air Combat System?

Is Germany Abandoning The Future Air Combat System

Le Times a récemment évoqué la possibilité que l’Allemagne renonce au Système de combat aérien du futur (SCAF) en faveur du Global Air Combat Programme (GCAP). Cette affirmation a été rapidement démentie par le ministère allemand de la Défense, qui a confirmé son soutien au projet SCAF, mené conjointement avec la France et l’Espagne. Le … Read more