Is Airbus Eyeing Saudi Arabia for its A400M-Aircraft Sales?

The 's initial export potential was estimated at 280 . However, to date, Airbus has secured only three foreign buyers: Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia. The likely drop in earnings, due to fewer sales, is currently estimated at several billion euros.

Challenges in Securing Licenses

However, this veto was recently lifted, opening the door for potential export of the A400M, along with additional A330 MRTT refuelling aircraft, to Saudi Arabia. This could provide a much-needed boost for Airbus.

Partnership between SAMI and Embraer

In a related development, Saudi Arabia Industries (SAMI) has formed a partnership with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer. The Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF), which currently operates 33 C-130H transport aircraft and 9 refuelling aircraft, may be interested in the C-390 transport aircraft as a potential replacement for its C-130H/J fleet.

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Potential for More Sales

Furthermore, the lifting of the German veto could also pave the way for more A330 MRTTs to be sold to Saudi Arabia. These could potentially replace the 7 KC-707s that are still in service.

Views of Emmanuel Chiva

Despite the potential drop in orders, Emmanuel Chiva, the General Delegate for Armament, doesn't seem too worried. He points to a balanced mix of domestic and export orders, indicating that Airbus has other sources of revenue and is not solely dependent on the A400M sales.

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