Germany Shockingly Steps Up Its Game in Defense!

The decision by the German government to purchase thirty-five F-35A fighter-bombers from Lockheed-Martin is expected to have positive implications for . The intended acquisition circumvents initial procurement plans which would have seen thirty F/A-18 Super Hornets and fifteen E/A-18G Growlers replace the Panavia Tornado currently employed by the Luftwaffe.

Order for Fifteen Eurofighter EF-2000 EK Combat Aircraft

Simultaneous to the Lockheed-Martin deal, an order has been placed for fifteen Eurofighter EF-2000 EK combat equipped with Suppression of Enemy (SEAD) capabilities. The Federal Office for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support has confirmed these aircraft will be outfitted with the Arexis suite provided by the Swedish company Saab. The choice of Saab over a proposed solution by Hensoldt was a significant decision in the procurement process.

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German MPs Approve €384 million Budget

The conversion of the fifteen Eurofighters to the “EK” standard has the backing of German MPs, who have approved a budget of €384 million for the project.

Saab Receives Airbus Order

Saab has recently received an order from Airbus to equip the fifteen Eurofighters intended for use by the German Air Force. The order specifically requires that the aircraft are prepared for electronic warfare missions, in part through the integration of the Arexis system.

Key Role for Saab

The Swedish defense company, Saab, will be key in delivering the Arexis-equipped Eurofighter EK to the German Air Force. The firm's extensive experience in the development of electronic warfare systems for airborne platforms and its long-standing partnership with Airbus underline its importance.

Advanced Equipment and AI Software Enhanced by Helsing IA

The advanced equipment and AI-powered software that forms part of the Arexis sensor suite will bring next-level electronic warfare capabilities to the German defense forces. Saab partnered with Helsing IA, a specialist in artificial intelligence for military applications, for the development of this contract.

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Capabilities of Arexis

Arexis will be equipped to detect, locate, and identify radar transmitters, even in complex and congested electromagnetic environments. Moreover, the incorporation of AI technology will primarily serve to analyze radar data and determine the most suitable self-protection measures more efficiently.

The Luftwaffe’s EF-2000EK and the AGM-88E2 Advancer

The Luftwaffe will be deploying EF-2000EK aircraft that utilize the Arexis system in conjunction with the AGM-88E2 Advancer Anti-Radiation Guided Missile. This latter component is produced by the American group, Northrop Grumman, and its integration is a key aspect of the Luftwaffe's program.

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