Unprecedented Move: French Navy Achieves Double Missile Launch

Unprecedented Move: French Navy Achieves Double Missile Launch

In a groundbreaking first in the military realm, the French Navy has successfully executed a double missile launch from both a frigate and a submarine. Details of the Dual Missile Launch The FREMM Aquitaine, a frigate, and a Barracuda-type SNA, likely the Duguay-Trouin, were responsible for this double launch. The unprecedented event took place with … Read more

Shocking: French Navy Unleashes Secret Weapon!

Shocking: French Navy Unleashes Secret Weapon!

Admiral Nicolas Vaujour, the Chief of Staff of the French Navy, has made an exciting announcement: the nuclear attack submarine Duguay-Trouin, a marvel of modern marine technology, has officially joined the active service ranks. The Duguay-Trouin: A Peek Into the Future The Duguay-Trouin is of the Suffren [or Barracuda] type. Compared to its predecessors, it … Read more

Staggering 20,000 Soldiers Test Defense Strategies against Russia in NATO Exercise

Staggering 20000 Soldiers Test Defense Strategies Against Russia In Nato Exercise

The NATO exercise dubbed Nordic Response has kicked off in the northern European country of Norway. The massive exercise, involving a staggering 20,000 soldiers, 100 aircrafts, and 50 vessels, aims at testing new strategies to enhance defense against Russia. French Navy’s Deployment The French Navy has made a significant contribution to the exercise. The deployment … Read more

Discover Why France’s New Beast of the Sea Sparks Fear

Discover Why France's New Beast Of The Sea Sparks Fear

Discover the progression of the “Duguay-Trouin,” the French Navy’s second nuclear attack submarine, as it advances towards becoming fully operational. With cutting-edge technology onboard and rigorous testing underway, this is a journey you won’t want to miss. Duguay-Trouin: Journey towards Operational Excellence The Duguay-Trouin, France’s second nuclear attack submarine, is in the process of verifying … Read more

French Navy’s Latest Acquisition – The Final H160FI: What You Need to Know

Recently, the Marine nationale acquired its six and final H160FI helicopter, marking a significant leap in their aerial capabilities. This comes as part of a strategic decision to lease a temporary fleet of helicopters from private suppliers, driving a new era of increased efficiency and rescue capabilities. Contractual Agreements and Deliveries The first step in … Read more

Has Franck Lorho Saved The French Navy From A Technological Apocalypse?

Has Franck Lorho Saved The French Navy From A Technological Apocalypse

Patrick Lorho, the last surviving French sextant manufacturer, recently received an order for 15 sextants from the French Navy. This order marks a significant step in the Navy’s new “PERSEUS” strategy, aimed at updating and innovating their navigation systems. The Navy’s move acknowledges that technology can indeed be a vulnerability, and as such, there is … Read more

Discover how Drones are Reshaping the French Navy

Discover How Drones Are Reshaping The French Navy

The French Navy’s 36F squadron has recently taken possession of the S-100 Camcopter drones, after 16 years of rigorous testing. These unmanned aircrafts are set to revolutionize naval operations with their unparalleled abilities to perform day and night, providing a significant operating range. S-100 Camcopter Drones: An Evolution in Naval Aviation The journey of the … Read more

Shocking Upgrade: Charles de Gaulle Aircraft on Its Third Technical Stop!

Shocking Upgrade: Charles De Gaulle Aircraft On Its Third Technical Stop!

The Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier recently embarked on its third Major Technical Stop (ATM) contract, leaving Toulon just three weeks ago for sea trials. This significant event in the life of the ship builds upon an intermediate technical stop which began in May and comprised of numerous maintenance and renovation tasks. During that interim … Read more

Is the French Navy Spending Millions to Fight ,000 Drones?

In an intriguing tale of military strategy and economic practicality, the French Navy has recently found itself in the limelight for employing its Aster 15 missiles against inexpensive drones operated by Houthi rebels in the Red Sea. The Pricey Nature of Warfare When it comes to matters of defense and security, costs can quickly skyrocket. … Read more

Alarming Silence from the DGA: Are Major Defense Contracts in Jeopardy?

Alarming Silence From The Dga: Are Major Defense Contracts In Jeopardy

The General Directorate of Armament (DGA), known for its strategic position in the defense sector, has remained mysteriously silent despite the anticipation around major contracts to be announced under the 2023 Finance Law. This unusual silence has sparked concerns about certain ongoing programs, particularly regarding the twelve Marine Fusiliers Vedettes (VFM) that were ordered from … Read more