Shocking Upgrade: Charles de Gaulle Aircraft on Its Third Technical Stop!

Shocking Upgrade: Charles De Gaulle Aircraft On Its Third Technical Stop!

The Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier recently embarked on its third Major Technical Stop (ATM) contract, leaving Toulon just three weeks ago for sea trials. This significant event in the life of the ship builds upon an intermediate technical stop which began in May and comprised of numerous maintenance and renovation tasks. During that interim … Read more

Exclusive: Sweden’s Navy to Upgrade their Corvettes with CAMM Missiles

Exclusive: Sweden's Navy To Upgrade Their Corvettes With Camm Missiles

The Royal Swedish Navy is poised to elevate their corvettes’ air defense capabilities by incorporating MBDA’s CAMM missile. This stems from a recent agreement, building on the €4.6 billion contract with Polska Grupa Zbrojna for over 1000 CAMM-ER anti-aircraft defense missiles. CAMM Missile Agreement and Its Purpose The contract was made public on November 16th … Read more