Unprecedented Move: French Navy Achieves Double Missile Launch

In a groundbreaking first in the realm, the has successfully executed a double missile launch from both a frigate and a submarine.

Details of the Dual Missile Launch

The FREMM Aquitaine, a frigate, and a Barracuda-type SNA, likely the , were responsible for this double launch. The unprecedented event took place with the frigate stationed off the coast of Quimper, while the submarine was on patrol near Biscarrosse.

Targets and Accuracy

The mission's missile targets were located at the Landes site of DGA Missile Tests. Showcasing precision and perfect synchronization, both missiles hit their respective targets.

Operational Conditions

Notably, the naval exercise was conducted under operational conditions. This exercise was not only significant for its unprecedented nature but also for its role in enhancing the operational expertise of the naval crews.

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Tactical and Technical Lessons

The dual launch exercise offered multiple tactical and technical lessons, further increasing its value to the French Navy.

DGA Missile Tests Support

DGA Missile Tests supported the operation, overseeing the overall conduct of the exercise, including target implementation. They also ensured the safety of property and individuals in the exercise area.

About The Cruise Missile [MdCN]

The cruise missile, known as the MdCN, is powered by a Microturbo TR 50 engine. Prominent for its size, the MdCN has a launch mass of 2 tons and spans a length of 7 meters. With a speed of approximately 1000 km/h and a range of 1000 km, it's designed to use infrared shape recognition or coordinates for terminal guidance.

Decision Making Authority

Last but not least, it's worth mentioning that the decision to deploy the naval cruise missile is a political one. The proposal to use such a weapon comes from the Chief of Staff of the [CEMA].

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