Has Franck Lorho Saved The French Navy From A Technological Apocalypse?

Patrick Lorho, the last surviving French sextant manufacturer, recently received an order for 15 sextants from the . This order marks a significant step in the Navy's new “PERSEUS” strategy, aimed at updating and innovating their navigation systems.

The Navy's move acknowledges that technology can indeed be a vulnerability, and as such, there is a renewed focus on strengthening resilience and reliability through more traditional navigation skills. This approach includes the regular practice of shutting down all telecommunication networks on board the Charles de Gaulle and depending on radio for external communication.

Training Under New Conditions

The training under these conditions is perceived to be challenging but fundamental for maintaining operational capability. It involves reducing dependence on satellite geolocation systems, typically GPS, and fostering the use of alternative navigation methods.

Sextant: A Valuable Skill to Maintain

The use of a sextant is viewed as a valuable skill to maintain, particularly in this era of technology. A sextant can determine the latitude and longitude based on the position of the stars or the sun. This tool proves to be the best navigation instrument in instances where onboard electronics fail.

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Through the Navy's new strategy, the importance placed on traditional navigation skills is evident. As we progressively get more engulfed in the technological age, the Navy reminds us of the fundamental skills in navigation that will always remain relevant.

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