Exposed: French Military’s Critical Equipment Shortage!

Exposed: French Military's Critical Equipment Shortage!

The French Senate recently voiced concerns over the availability of certain key military equipment. A detailed analysis of this issue reveals some interesting facts, earning further consideration. A Closer Look at Army Equipment Availability The primary concern raised by the Senate relates specifically to the insufficient availability of the Leclerc tanks. The availability percentage of … Read more

Are African Armies Ahead with French Staff Officer Training?

Are African Armies Ahead With French Staff Officer Training

Marking a new chapter in military cooperation, the French Army has recently introduced its first staff officer training program for African officers. This development transpired in the Military Schools of Draguignan, spearheaded by General Marc Conruyt. The idea for this training program came to light more than ten years ago by General Bertrand Ract-Madoux. He … Read more

Attention! How France’s ‘Start-Up Army’ is Revolutionizing Warfare

Attention! How France's 'start Up Army' Is Revolutionizing Warfare

General Schill, renowned for his innovative approach, is leading the French army towards a new era marked by a ‘Start-Up Army’ culture. Emphasizing on technologies like robotics, drones, and electronic warfare, he aims to adapt the military to the demands of contemporary warfare. Having witnessed the Ukrainian army’s adept handling of these technologies in the … Read more

The Dark Future of the French Army’s Armored Division – the Facts

The Dark Future Of The French Army's Armored Division The Facts

The future of the French Army’s heavy armored component is under scrutiny, with the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS), a joint French-German project, not expected to be fully operational until 2040. Two potential solutions have been proposed to bridge this gap. The Leclerc Tank and its Challenges The first option is to initiate a new … Read more