Artificial Intelligence: The Future of French Military Tactics?

Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of French Military Tactics

The French Army is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) for its tactical operational decisions. Highlighting a new era of tech-savvy military operations, General Pierre Schill underlines the significant role of AI in weapon systems and processes. AI: A Game Changer in Military Tactics One major advantage of AI inclusion is its ability to accelerate decision-making loops … Read more

“The Secret Crisis of the French Army’s Recruitment Effort!”

The French Army struggled to hit their recruitment targets last year, leaving around 2,000 roles, particularly those within the ranks, vacant. According to the Army Chief of Staff, General Pierre Schill, this could potentially be a temporary setback or a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Addressing The Recruitment Shortfall The Army has announced strategies … Read more

Beware! The French Army Receives 200+ Armored Serval Vehicles

Beware! The French Army Receives 200+ Armored Serval Vehicles

The French Army has received more than 200 Serval Armored Vehicles, a significant milestone in the Military Programming Law (LPM) 2024-30 plan. Under the LPM 2024-30, the French Army is slated to be equipped with a total of 2038 Serval armored vehicles by 2035. Within this count, 1060 will be incorporated into the Light Tactical … Read more

Dangerous Obstacles Hindering French Military Academy’s Goals

Dangerous Obstacles Hindering French Military Academy's Goals

The Académie militaire Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan (AMSCC), a significant player in the French army’s education structure, is faced with resource scarcity, obstructing its strategic goals, as stated in a recent audit by the French Court of Accounts. AMSCC’s Significant Transformation Taking on a more university-like model, the AMSCC, dedicated to training officers for the French army, … Read more

Unbelievable! French Army to Receive 8 Griffon Vehicles with 120mm Mortars

Unbelievable! French Army To Receive 8 Griffon Vehicles With 120mm Mortars

In a series of recent events, the French Army is set to receive eight new Griffon vehicles equipped with MEPAC, a 120mm mortar, in addition to 30 CAESAr artillery trucks donated to Ukrainian forces. Griffon Vehicles Upgrade The Griffon vehicles, expected to be delivered to the 11th Marine Artillery Regiment, are part of the 2024 … Read more

Military Drones Revolution: How the French Army Takes Surveillance to New Levels

Military Drones Revolution: How The French Army Takes Surveillance To New Levels

In the last eight years, the Tactical Drone System (SDT) Patroller program has come a long way in development and implementation for the French Army. Developed by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) and Safran, this cutting-edge drone technology is set to take military surveillance to the next level. The Patroller Program and its Challenges … Read more

Discover the Special Command Unit that Will Change the French Army Forever

Discover The Special Command Unit That Will Change The French Army Forever

Starting January 1, 2024, the French Army’s Ground Forces Special Operations Command (CFST) will transition into a new identity known as the Special Operations Command Land (CAST). CAST’s creation is a part of the broader reorganization of the French Army’s command structure. This modification is designed to incorporate three state-of-the-art capabilities into their operational toolkit: … Read more

Is the French Army on the Cusp of a Transformation?

Is The French Army On The Cusp Of A Transformation

There’s a significant transformation on the horizon for the French Army under the guidance of General Pierre Schill. This overhaul is in response to a time characterized by an escalating use of force, demonstrated for instance in the Ukraine conflict. The ultimate aim is to ensure preparedness for future engagements and to deter aggression. General … Read more

Exposed: French Military’s Critical Equipment Shortage!

Exposed: French Military's Critical Equipment Shortage!

The French Senate recently voiced concerns over the availability of certain key military equipment. A detailed analysis of this issue reveals some interesting facts, earning further consideration. A Closer Look at Army Equipment Availability The primary concern raised by the Senate relates specifically to the insufficient availability of the Leclerc tanks. The availability percentage of … Read more

Are African Armies Ahead with French Staff Officer Training?

Are African Armies Ahead With French Staff Officer Training

Marking a new chapter in military cooperation, the French Army has recently introduced its first staff officer training program for African officers. This development transpired in the Military Schools of Draguignan, spearheaded by General Marc Conruyt. The idea for this training program came to light more than ten years ago by General Bertrand Ract-Madoux. He … Read more