“The Secret Crisis of the French Army’s Recruitment Effort!”

The struggled to hit their recruitment targets last year, leaving around 2,000 roles, particularly those within the ranks, vacant. According to the Army Chief of Staff, General Pierre Schill, this could potentially be a temporary setback or a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Addressing The Recruitment Shortfall

The Army has announced strategies to boost their recruitment efforts. These include reformulating their communication campaigns, increasing the recruitment chain by adding an extra 380 posts, and making changes to the selection process.

Besides, the French Army resources, including a significant number of personnel, will be deployed to provide security for the Paris Olympics scheduled for July.

Introducing VDAT Status

The Army is planning to introduce a new status known as “Volontaire Découverte de l'Armée de Terre” (VDAT). Aimed at young French adults aged between 18 to 26, this is a new form of commitment which will enable them to experience life in the Army firsthand.

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This program will be trialled in 2024, during the Summer Olympics. The recruits will serve for four months and they will be given a basic salary, with the possibility of extra wages for operational engagements.

Post-Contract Benefits

After the completion of their contract, recruits have the option of joining the reserve or active forces. Additionally, being a part of this program could present other opportunities such as priority in regiment selection.

This fresh approach may be linked to a proposal made by General Schill in 2022. The proposal laid out plans to bring onboard 10,000 youths each year for a six-month service.

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