The Unseen Terror: Russian FPV Drones in Ukraine!

Revelations have emerged that in have resorted to using First Person View (FPV) equipped with fiber optic coil in order to outsmart electronic warfare systems, highlighting an interesting shift in the realm of technology.

Fiber Optic Coil FPV Drones: Innovating from the Ground Up

The FPV drones, reminiscent of wire-guided missile systems, carry the unique advantage of being immune to electronic jamming. The strategic role of these drones isn't limited to the open field. They are designed to function effectively in transmission-unfriendly environments such as basements and caves.

The standout feature of this technology is the incorporation of fiber optics. The usage of fiber optic technology allows for high bandwidth, enabling the transmission of high-resolution images and the processing of large amounts of data. This enhances the drones' engagement and reconnaissance capabilities.

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First Hand Account: Ukrainian Army

The Ukrainian army reportedly captured one of these innovative drones. The captured model was found to be equipped with a fiber optic cable stretching 10 kilometers in length, offering a glimpse into the type of machinery at play.

A Surprising Twist: The Hackathon Proposal

Interestingly, the concept behind these FPV drones is not entirely new. Serhii “Flash” Beskrestnov, a Ukrainian electronic warfare specialist, pointed out that a similar idea was proposed during a hackathon that took place in Kiev in January. The proposal, however, was disregarded due to concerns regarding potential cable breakages.

Looking Ahead: A Potential Revival?

The recent developments in Ukraine could pave the way for a revival of the previously dismissed proposal. One potential collaborator in this venture could be the French company, SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques. This company had previously demonstrated a device with similar functions at the Eurosatory land and airland and security exhibition in 2022.

Therefore, the sight of fiber optic FPV drones soaring in the sky might just become more commonplace in the future, as military forces worldwide are constantly on the lookout for technologies that can give them the upper hand in conflict zones.

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