The British Army’s Struggle with Budget: Are They Quitting NATO?

The British Army's Struggle With Budget: Are They Quitting Nato

The British Army has been grappling with budgetary constraints since 2010, even though its military spending has surpassed the 2% of GDP demanded by NATO. A significant factor contributing to these challenges are delayed and over-budget armament programs like the “Ajax” armored vehicle. 2021 Security and Defense Strategic Review The Security and Defense review of … Read more

Secret Mission! British Army Fights Back Against Saudi Oil Attacks

Secret Mission! British Army Fights Back Against Saudi Oil Attacks

Following a series of potentially catastrophic attacks on Saudi oil sites in late 2019, the British Army has taken proactive measures to bolster the defence capabilities of Saudi Arabia against potential Houthi attacks. British Army’s Reactions The British Army went ahead to secretly deploy a substantial anti-aircraft system near Riyadh. The move, which wasn’t initially … Read more

The End of an Era: British Army’s Last Gazelle Helicopter Bids Farewell

The End Of An Era: British Army's Last Gazelle Helicopter Bids Farewell

News from the British Army signals the end of an era for its Gazelle helicopters, marking a pivotal transition in their air service. End of Service The British Army is set to bid farewell to its last Gazelle helicopters. Their final flight, carried out by one of the last remaining helicopters in the Army Air … Read more