Secret Mission! British Army Fights Back Against Saudi Oil Attacks

Following a series of potentially catastrophic on Saudi oil sites in late 2019, the has taken proactive measures to bolster the defence capabilities of Saudi Arabia against potential Houthi attacks.

British Army’s Reactions

The British Army went ahead to secretly deploy a substantial anti-aircraft system near Riyadh. The move, which wasn't initially disclosed to the parliament by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), saw about 50 soldiers from the 12 Regiment Royal , the only British Army unit with anti-aircraft capabilities, being involved. This information only surfaced in MoD's annual activity report.

Military Equipment Deployed

The anti-aircraft systems deployed include Stormer armoured vehicles armed with short-range Starstreak High Velocity Missiles (HVM). The MoD later confirmed that a small number of these HVM missiles and associated personnel were deployed as part of the mission.

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Previous Measures and Missions

Recall and Diplomatic Talks

There was a shift in the situation in 2021 when the unit involved was recalled back to the UK. This was followed by Riyadh initiating diplomatic talks with Houthi rebels who had earlier claimed responsibility for the oil site attacks.

Regional Tension

The region had seen an increase in tension, especially following a Hamas terrorist attack against Israel in October. This situation was further aggravated by Houthi attacks on maritime traffic originating from Yemen, posing a higher risk of escalation.

Other Commitments

The 12 Regiment Royal Artillery, apart from being deployed in Saudi Arabia, is also serving in other areas. This regiment is currently stationed in Estonia, as part of 's Operation Cabrit, and Iraq, under the umbrella of Operation Shader.

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