Waves of Fear Rising in Red Sea: Houthi’s Undeterred Rebellion Strikes Back

Waves Of Fear Rising In Red Sea: Houthi's Undeterred Rebellion Strikes Back

The maritime traffic in the Red Sea has recently been witnessing a downtick in the intensity and frequency of attacks from Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the early half of April. However, a sudden surge in these atrocities post Iran’s assault on Israel on April 14 has raised concerns about the potential extension of these threats … Read more

Houthi Attack Frequency Dwindling: Is Their Ammo In Trouble?

Houthi Attack Frequency Dwindling: Is Their Ammo In Trouble

Recent trends suggest a decline in the frequency of Houthi rebel attacks in Yemen’s Red Sea region, making this an interesting development for political observers and military strategists worldwide. A Decline in Rebel Attacks The US military noted four minor attacks launched by the Houthis over the past week. These involved the use of drones … Read more

Shocking! Drone Strike on Oil Tanker Possibly Linked to Israeli Interests

Shocking! Drone Strike On Oil Tanker Possibly Linked To Israeli Interests

Off the coast of India, a drone attacked an oil tanker. The Liberian-flagged tanker, known as MV Chem Pluto, has a potential connection to Israeli interests. The assault resulted in a fire and caused substantial damage, disrupting the tanker’s operation. At the time of the incident, the vessel was en route from Jubail, Saudi Arabia … Read more