Revealed: The Greek Air Force’s Surprising Plan will Shock You

Revealed: The Greek Air Force's Surprising Plan Will Shock You

The Greek Air Force is set to sell its Mirage 2000 aircraft with potential buyers being India, which is looking to boost its own fleet. This move aims to finance the acquisition of more Rafale fighter-bombers. The Greek Air Force, having retired 18 Mirage 2000 EGM/BM units in 2022, is concentrating on efficiently supporting the … Read more

Shocking! Drone Strike on Oil Tanker Possibly Linked to Israeli Interests

Shocking! Drone Strike On Oil Tanker Possibly Linked To Israeli Interests

Off the coast of India, a drone attacked an oil tanker. The Liberian-flagged tanker, known as MV Chem Pluto, has a potential connection to Israeli interests. The assault resulted in a fire and caused substantial damage, disrupting the tanker’s operation. At the time of the incident, the vessel was en route from Jubail, Saudi Arabia … Read more