Is Italy Ready for the Unexpected? Strengthening Aerial Defense Capabilities

Is Italy Ready For The Unexpected Strengthening Aerial Defense Capabilities

The Italian Army is set to strengthen its aerial defense abilities with four more SAMP/T NG systems. This move marks a significant shift to modernize their capabilities against increasingly complex threats. Currently, the Army’s anti-aircraft arsenal includes only MISTRAL, a lightweight anti-aircraft portable missile. This follows the withdrawal of short-range Roland air-defense missiles and 20mm … Read more

Shocking: UK and Italy Unveil Unprecedented Agreement in Air Force Collaboration

Shocking: Uk And Italy Unveil Unprecedented Agreement In Air Force Collaboration

UK and Italy are taking a significant step forward in air force collaboration by signing a mutual maintenance agreement for their respective air fleets. The pact, which includes the Eurofighter Typhoon and F-35B aircraft in both countries, represents a continued commitment to NATO’s ‘Agile Combat Employment’ framework. The Roots of the Agreement The agreement was … Read more

Is Leonardo Involving in the New Generation Leopard 2 Tank Project?

Is Leonardo Involving In The New Generation Leopard 2 Tank Project

Rumors are swirling around the involvement of Italian group Leonardo in the new generation Leopard 2 tank project. This comes amid the Italian Defense Ministry’s potential acquisition of 133 Leopard 2A8 tanks from Germany to meet NATO commitments. The multi-year programmatic document for 2023-25, presented by the Italian government, didn’t specify the Leopard 2A8, but … Read more