Waves of Fear Rising in Red Sea: Houthi’s Undeterred Rebellion Strikes Back

Waves Of Fear Rising In Red Sea: Houthi's Undeterred Rebellion Strikes Back

The maritime traffic in the Red Sea has recently been witnessing a downtick in the intensity and frequency of attacks from Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the early half of April. However, a sudden surge in these atrocities post Iran’s assault on Israel on April 14 has raised concerns about the potential extension of these threats … Read more

Attention! French Military in Hot Pursuit of Advanced Drones

Attention! French Military In Hot Pursuit Of Advanced Drones

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has stirred intrigue by initiating an uncommon procedure to acquire intelligence drones. This remarkable step is part of a broader effort to rapidly adapt to advances in drone technology. Different Acquisition Procedure Interestingly, this procurement procedure was carried by the Directorate of Aeronautical Maintenance (DMAé), as opposed to … Read more

Shocking Revelation: Trypilska Power Plant Hit by Supposed Russian Missiles!

Shocking Revelation: Trypilska Power Plant Hit By Supposed Russian Missiles!

Les attaques russes sur le réseau énergétique ukrainien, qui avaient diminué cet hiver, sont en augmentation notable récemment. La centrale thermique de Trypilska semble être la dernière cible en date avec l’utilisation supposée de nouveaux missiles de croisière. La Russie est soupçonnée d’avoir utilisé des missiles de croisière innovants pour frapper la centrale thermique de … Read more

Uncover the Unsettling Changes in France’s Nuclear Realm

Uncover The Unsettling Changes In France's Nuclear Realm

Big changes are underway at the Direction des applications militaires (DAM), part of the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA). Long-time head Vincenzo Salvetti has stepped down, and his replacement is already making waves. Demoment Takes the Helm Jérôme Demoment has been appointed as the new head of the DAM, assuming the role … Read more

UK’s Military Might in Danger: Inadequate Resources Alert!

Uk's Military Might In Danger: Inadequate Resources Alert!

The UK faces a rising concern over inadequate military resources to tackle imminent threats. The ramifications of this issue were highlighted recently when the Royal Air Force (RAF) had to limit the use of AIM-132 ASRAAM air-to-air missiles during an exercise in October 2022. The RAF’s Ammunition Challenge The exercise served as a platform for … Read more

Exclusive: Rheinmetall Secures Billion-Euro Armored Vehicle Contract

Exclusive: Rheinmetall Secures Billion Euro Armored Vehicle Contract

Rheinmetall, a Germany-based company, recently bagged an order for an additional 123 Boxer armored vehicles, commanding a whopping 2.7 billion euros. Initially intended as European cooperation, the Boxer combat vehicle program took a surprising turn. The program was supposed to involve France, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands, but the withdrawal of France and UK set … Read more

Bulgaria’s Air Security at Stake: Discover Why

Bulgaria's Air Security At Stake: Discover Why

The Bulgarian Air Force is now utilizing civilian aviation radars for airspace surveillance, due to budget limitations. The current means offer an incomplete coverage of Bulgarian territory, raising security concerns, especially over the Black Sea region. Priority for Air Surveillance The capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, is now giving more significance to the improvement of … Read more

Are Russian Forces Sabotaging British Aircraft GPS Systems?

Are Russian Forces Sabotaging British Aircraft Gps Systems

An intriguing episode involving the jamming of a GPS system on a British Defense Minister’s plane raises questions about modern electronic warfare tactics. British Defense Minister’s Plane GPS Jammed There was a disruption of the GPS system aboard the aircraft carrying Grant Shapps, the British Defense Minister. This occurred during a journey to Poland, with … Read more

The Secret Behind Russia’s Naval Shift: A Problem We Can’t Ignore

The Secret Behind Russia's Naval Shift: A Problem We Can't Ignore

Recent shifts in Russian military leadership have drawn attention, particularly within the Navy. This article delves into what’s behind these changes. Changing Faces in Russian Military Leadership The head of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, has reportedly been replaced. While there has been no official public decree concerning this, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov has … Read more

“The Secret Crisis of the French Army’s Recruitment Effort!”

The French Army struggled to hit their recruitment targets last year, leaving around 2,000 roles, particularly those within the ranks, vacant. According to the Army Chief of Staff, General Pierre Schill, this could potentially be a temporary setback or a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Addressing The Recruitment Shortfall The Army has announced strategies … Read more