Could Switzerland Break Its Neutrality for the ESSI Project?

Could Switzerland Break Its Neutrality For The Essi Project

The European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI) project, aimed at fortifying the air and missile defense of Europe, might soon welcome Switzerland into its ranks. This move will mark a significant milestone for Switzerland, as it continues to uphold its right to self-defense despite its neutrality. A Closer Look at ESSI The ESSI project was initiated … Read more

UK’s Military Might in Danger: Inadequate Resources Alert!

Uk's Military Might In Danger: Inadequate Resources Alert!

The UK faces a rising concern over inadequate military resources to tackle imminent threats. The ramifications of this issue were highlighted recently when the Royal Air Force (RAF) had to limit the use of AIM-132 ASRAAM air-to-air missiles during an exercise in October 2022. The RAF’s Ammunition Challenge The exercise served as a platform for … Read more

Surprising Twist: European Defense Giants KNDS and Leonardo Join Forces

Surprising Twist: European Defense Giants Knds And Leonardo Join Forces

A strategic alliance has been announced by KNDS and Leonardo, taking place under the aegis of Italy’s Ministry of Defense. This is a step towards the creation of a robust European defense group with a focus on land defense electronics. Partnership Ambitions The partnership aims to foster cooperative initiatives among European countries. The focal point … Read more