Surprising Twist: European Defense Giants KNDS and Leonardo Join Forces

A strategic alliance has been announced by KNDS and Leonardo, taking place under the aegis of Italy's Ministry of . This is a step towards the creation of a robust group with a focus on land defense electronics.

Partnership Ambitions

The partnership aims to foster cooperative initiatives among European countries. The focal point being the development of future armored vehicle platforms, notably the MGCS. The collaboration between Leonardo and the German division of KNDS anticipates the joint execution of a tank procurement program. This initiative will be based on the Leopard 2A8 model for the Italian forces.

Implications of the Partnership

The formation of this partnership could potentially influence France's Defense Industrial and Technological Base (BITD) and 's position in the MGCS. Leonardo's rivalry with may be a contributing factor in this. Despite potential competition, the French Ministry of Armed Forces has expressed positive sentiments towards the partnership. The partnership is perceived as a potential opportunity for the French BITD.

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Discussion and Alignment

For several months, the partnership has been discussed between the French Minister of Armed Forces, S├ębastien Lecornu and the Italian Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto. The collaboration is in tune with ongoing negotiations about Italy's full membership in the MGCS program.

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