Discover Naval Group’s Breathtaking Underwater Drone Revolution

Discover Naval Group's Breathtaking Underwater Drone Revolution

Naval Group’s Groundbreaking Underwater Drone Development Imagine an undersea world where drones roam freely, conducting intelligence missions or paving the way for naval forces. This may soon be a reality, thanks to the efforts of Naval Group, who’ve embarked on the journey of creating an extra-large, unmanned underwater vehicle (XL-UUV). DSMO: The Underwater Drone The … Read more

Exposed: How France Will Spend 900 Million Euros on Ocean Patrol Vessels

Exposed: How France Will Spend 900 Million Euros On Ocean Patrol Vessels

Get ready to dive into the exciting developments in the French Armament General Directorate’s orders for seven ocean patrol vessels, a deal worth a cool 900 million euros. This is the latest chapter in the journey to replace the P400 patrol vessels and Estiennes d’Orves Marine class avisos. The BATSIMAR Program The ambitious BATSIMAR program … Read more