Switzerland’s Unexpected .2 billion Air Defense Plan

Switzerland's Unexpected Dollar1.2 Billion Air Defense Plan

Switzerland, known for its neutrality, is pushing forward with plans to enhance its air defense systems, focusing on medium-range ground-to-air capabilities. A .2 billion deal has been confirmed with the U.S for the purchase of five Patriot firing units and GEM-T type missiles. This move is a part of a larger plan to swiftly address … Read more

Could Switzerland Break Its Neutrality for the ESSI Project?

Could Switzerland Break Its Neutrality For The Essi Project

The European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI) project, aimed at fortifying the air and missile defense of Europe, might soon welcome Switzerland into its ranks. This move will mark a significant milestone for Switzerland, as it continues to uphold its right to self-defense despite its neutrality. A Closer Look at ESSI The ESSI project was initiated … Read more