Uncover the Strange Trick to Identifying Military Drones!

With the rise in technology, the increasing use of for purposes has become the norm. Known for their cost-effectiveness, ease of operation and the ability to be armed with military-grade weapons, their use has surged globally.

The challenges of drone detection

Despite their advantages, drones present a unique set of . This is particularly true when it comes to detection, as their swift speed and small size make them difficult to spot. A variety of factors can help to detect drones, such as their radar signature, the sound they produce, their heat emission, or their link to a ground station.

Introducing the BA2D: A solution to drone detection

Innovation presents a solution to this problem. A young non-commissioned officer from the 54th Regiment of Transmissions has created a device named the “Boîtier d'action et de détection de drone” (BA2D), or Drone Action and Detection Box. Smaller than a credit card, this device is able to detect drones through the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Size and portability: The BA2D is small, approximately the size of a credit card. This makes it a lightweight sensor that soldiers can easily carry around.
  • Cost and scalability: Compared to similar civilian devices, the BA2D is less expensive. It has the potential to be mass produced, making it a viable option for different military regiments.
  • Future capabilities: Currently in its early stages, BA2D has the future potential to interfere with the link between the drone and its pilot.
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Global use of Drones

The use of drones is not just limited to a few. In , for instance, the deployment of drones has become a common practice due to their effectiveness and affordability. Similarly, the Islamic State has utilized drones by modifying commercial ones to drop grenades and mortar shells. This trend highlights the urgency of developing effective countermeasures like BA2D.

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