Uncover the Strange Trick to Identifying Military Drones!

Uncover The Strange Trick To Identifying Military Drones!

With the rise in technology, the increasing use of drones for military purposes has become the norm. Known for their cost-effectiveness, ease of operation and the ability to be armed with military-grade weapons, their use has surged globally. The challenges of drone detection Despite their advantages, drones present a unique set of challenges. This is … Read more

Discover the Powerful Tech that Could Unmask Stealth Fighters

Discover The Powerful Tech That Could Unmask Stealth Fighters

Uncover the world of passive radar – an intriguing technology capable of potentially detecting stealth aircraft, currently being tested by the German Air Force. A notable achievement was recorded when Hensoldt’s passive radar Twinvis detected two F-35A stealth fighter-bombers at Berlin’s ILA aerospace show in 2018. Passive Radar: An Overview Passive radar utilises a broad … Read more