Germany Shockingly Steps Up Its Game in Defense!

Germany Shockingly Steps Up Its Game In Defense!

The decision by the German government to purchase thirty-five F-35A fighter-bombers from Lockheed-Martin is expected to have positive implications for Airbus. The intended acquisition circumvents initial procurement plans which would have seen thirty F/A-18 Super Hornets and fifteen E/A-18G Growlers replace the Panavia Tornado currently employed by the Luftwaffe. Order for Fifteen Eurofighter EF-2000 EK … Read more

Discover the Powerful Tech that Could Unmask Stealth Fighters

Discover The Powerful Tech That Could Unmask Stealth Fighters

Uncover the world of passive radar – an intriguing technology capable of potentially detecting stealth aircraft, currently being tested by the German Air Force. A notable achievement was recorded when Hensoldt’s passive radar Twinvis detected two F-35A stealth fighter-bombers at Berlin’s ILA aerospace show in 2018. Passive Radar: An Overview Passive radar utilises a broad … Read more