How the Rafale F4.1 Will Redefine Fighter-Bomber Aviation

With the F4.1 achieving full operational capability, a new era in fighter-bomber aviation is ushered in. The first of its kind was received by the Aeronautical Expertise Centre (CEAM) in March 2023, followed soon by the 1/30 “Côte d'Argent” Hunting and Experimentation Wing commencing the 's testing.

Military Qualification and Adoption

Operational Readiness and Future Advancements

For the first time, the AAE announced that the Rafale F4.1 was engaged for operational readiness at air base 118 in Mont-de-Marsan on February 23. The Rafale has been used by the forces for training missions for several months, now reaching its full operational capability.

The Rafale F4's enhancements include improved data sharing capabilities, enhanced protection against cyber threats, an integrated SCORPION helmet sight (supplied by ), refined firing control for better usage of the Meteor air-to-air missile's potential, a superior Rafale SPECTRA Protection and Evasion System, and a more robust RBE-2 active antenna radar.

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Incremental Integration and Delivery Standards

These enhancements will be integrated into the Rafale incrementally. The standard for deliveries on the Military Programming Law 2024-2030 will be the Rafale F4, divided into three sub-standards, namely F4.1, F4.2, and F4.3.

The incremental advancements planned include a helmet sight, initial connectivity, survivability improvements, the integration of renovated armaments, and enhanced availability. Complete operational implementation will be announced only when all the latest equipment and capacity contributions associated with the standard are fully integrated.

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