Armenian PM Fears Imminent War: Is Azerbaijan Fuelling the Fire?

In the aftermath of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pachinian has raised alarming suspicions about Azerbaijan's intentions, hinting at the possibility of a new . The Prime Minister's concerns stem from Azerbaijan's apparent buildup and territorial ambitions.

Armenian Fears and Accusations

Pachinian suggests that Azerbaijan's goal is to take over the “Zanguezour Corridor,” which would provide a path to the territory of Nakhichevan. Such an action would split the Armenian region of Syunik. The Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliev, faces accusations of seeking to annex more Armenian territories rather than support a peace treaty that respects both nations' territorial integrity.

Strengthening Military Power

Azerbaijan seems to be consolidating its capability. Its military strength is bolstered by the financial gains from its hydrocarbon exports. The Azerbaijani armed forces have added the Akinci from the Turkish group Baykar to their inventory, unveiling new facilities focused on these tactical unmanned aerial vehicles.

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New Aircraft Order

Reports from local media suggest Azerbaijan is further strengthening its air force with a substantial order from Pakistan. The order is for an unspecified quantity of JF-17 “Thunder” Block III fighter-bombers. The contract, worth .6 billion, includes the cost of ammunition, pilot and technician training, and logistical support.

The JF-17 “Thunder”

Each JF-17 “Thunder” costs between and million. Factoring in the costs of ammunition and additional services, it's estimated that the order placed by Baku would be for at least twenty aircraft. The JF-17 “Thunder” is the result of a collaborative effort between Pakistan and , powered by a Russian-made RD-39 engine. It has a maximum speed of Mach 1.6, can carry up to 3800 kg of ammunition, and comes equipped with a KLJ-7A active antenna radar, a helmet sight, and electronic flight controls.

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