Discover How AI Robots are Now Guarding Military Bases!

Project Objectives and Collaboration

The primary agenda was to assess the practicality of robotics in safeguarding and monitoring an air base. The SCAR, a quadruped robot developed by Boston Dynamics, an American company, was incorporated in the testing phase of the project.

Birth of ARGOS

As a result of this collaboration, an AI algorithm named ARGOS was designed. This algorithm isn't just limited to a specific robot, but can be integrated into any robotic system. The principal purpose of ARGOS is to strengthen the surveillance and security measures of military bases.

The Innovation Agency (AID) is now in possession of the ARGOS system. Their confidence in the technology has led to the addition of two more quadruped robots, financed by the Agency itself.

Capabilities of the Technology

The technology has already showcased its potential by accurately detecting weapons, individuals, and categorizing fence damage into three sections: animal-related, regular wear and tear, and human interference.

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Innovation at its Core

The unique selling point of this project lies in the ability of the AI to detect anomalies within a specific perimeter. This includes accurate detection of individuals, their actions, or even breaches in the fence. The AI leverages images or videos to analyze its surroundings, focusing on key areas and efficiently evaluating the data gathered. This allows the system to alert the team about any significant occurrences.

Robots equipped with ARGOS, along with an optronic ball, can effectively identify intruders and relay the information to the base's protection team.

Future Applications

The possibilities with this technology are vast. Future implementations could see the addition of an acoustic gunshot locator, a robotic arm, and a detector for chemicals or radiological materials.

Despite its impressive capabilities, ARGOS is not designed to replace air riflemen. Rather, the intention is to augment perimeter surveillance, enabling riflemen to concentrate more on their unique aeronautical abilities.

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