Discover the Special Command Unit that Will Change the French Army Forever

Starting January 1, 2024, the 's Ground Forces Command (CFST) will transition into a new identity known as the Special Operations Command Land (CAST).

CAST's creation is a part of the broader reorganization of the French Army's command structure. This modification is designed to incorporate three state-of-the-art capabilities into their operational toolkit: Influence operations, operational partnership, and cyber .

New Additions to CAST

The command will witness the integration of existing units, and the inclusion of the Joint Center for Environmental Actions (CIAE) and the Land Center for Military Operational Partnership (CPMO). The primary objective of this command is to advance hybrid and influence capabilities and spearhead psychological operations (PSYOPS).

Collaboration with Battalions

CAST is set to synchronize its operations with the 6th and 43rd Marine Infantry Battalions. These battalions are strategically located in Gabon and Ivory Coast, respectively. This cooperative initiative will strengthen the operations and impact of CAST in these regions.

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Transformation of Major Units

A notable evolution is expected within other significant military units. Some of these units, previously modeled on the “Au Contact” approach, are anticipated to transform into structures dedicated to particular missions. These new entities include the Digital and Cyber Command and the Theater Support and Logistics Command.

In charge of three brigades (logistics, engineering, maintenance), the Theater Support and Logistics Command plays a broader role in the success of the operations.

Changes to the Intelligence Command

Intelligence Command (COM RENS), much like CAST, will see its role expand. It will transform into the “Command of Actions in Depth and Intelligence” (CAPR).

Along with this transition, CAPR will welcome the 4th Aerial Combat Brigade (BAC) and the 1st and 54th Regiments (RA). These integrations are expected to further enrich the capabilities and effectiveness of CAPR.

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