Exclusive: Sweden’s Navy to Upgrade their Corvettes with CAMM Missiles

The Royal Swedish Navy is poised to elevate their corvettes' capabilities by incorporating MBDA's CAMM missile. This stems from a recent agreement, building on the €4.6 billion contract with Polska Grupa Zbrojna for over 1000 CAMM-ER anti- missiles.

CAMM Missile Agreement and Its Purpose

The contract was made public on November 16th by 's Defense Materiel Administration (FMV). The new missiles will be utilized in Sea Ceptor air defense systems on five Visby-class corvettes, enhancing the Swedish Navy's capacity to counter airborne threats.

Sea Ceptor Air Defence System

Developed by MBDA, the Sea Ceptor system presents a 360-degree shield and can neutralize a broad spectrum of threats. The versatile system does not require dedicated tracking or firing control and can cooperate with any contemporary 3D radar. The effective range of the CAMM missile in a Sea Ceptor system is approximately 25 km.

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Implementing the Sea Ceptor System

Installation of the systems onto the Visby-class corvettes will commence in 2025, with the first fortified ship anticipated to be delivered by Saab Kockums the following year.

Upgrading the Swedish Navy’s Defensive Capabilities

The integration of the Sea Ceptor system with CAMM missiles will offer the Swedish corvettes greater protection. It will empower them to safeguard larger areas and intercept airborne targets from greater distances. Their existing arsenal includes a 57 mm Bofors cannon, eight RBS-15 anti-ship missiles, four 400 mm torpedo tubes, and naval mines.

Boosting Sweden’s NATO Contribution

The adoption of the Sea Ceptor system will provide Sweden the opportunity to offer a significant new air defense capability to NATO. This move aligns Sweden with other Sea Ceptor-using allies, particularly the Royal Navy.

Additional Collaborative Efforts with MBDA

Sweden has engaged in numerous cooperative ventures with MBDA in the past, such as the Meteor long-range air-to-air missile, TAURUS cruise missile, and the Akeron MP anti-tank missile.

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