Revealed: Sweden’s Unexpected Move to Bolster NATO’s Deterrence

Revealed: Sweden's Unexpected Move To Bolster Nato's Deterrence

Sweden is making active strides to bolster NATO’s deterrence, notably through a promising battalion deployment in Latvia. The Swedish Prime Minister made this announcement at the “Folk och Försvar” security and defense conference, indicating their willingness to fortify NATO’s eastern flank, despite the pending approval of their NATO membership by both Turkish and Hungarian parliaments. … Read more

Sweden Shivers: The Shocking Shift in Defense Policy, an Alarm for War?

Sweden Shivers: The Shocking Shift In Defense Policy An Alarm For War

Swedish ministers sound the alarm bells on the potential for conflict, a stark shift in tone first initiated in 2012 by general Sverker Göranson. The gravity of the situation, initially dismissed by Sweden’s political class, has since become impossible to ignore. A Shift in Perspective Post 2014 The 2014 annexation of Crimea by Russia, accompanied … Read more