Why NH-90 Helicopters Are Causing Panic in French Navy?

Why Nh 90 Helicopters Are Causing Panic In French Navy

The NH-90 helicopters, under service since December 2011, have been a point of concern for the French Navy and the French Army Light Aviation (ALAT). Their availability has consistently been reported as inadequate. The State of Affairs Naval and military chiefs are frustrated due to the low availability rate and high maintenance costs of these … Read more

French Navy’s Radical Move: No More Names on Ships?

French Navy's Radical Move: No More Names On Ships

The Marine nationale of France is planning a tactical shift in its identification methods for informational warfare. The French Navy disclosed last year that it’s contemplating the removal of numbers and names from its ships. The goal is to introduce unpredictability, possibly leading to a tactical edge in confrontations. Should this strategy prove successful, it … Read more

Shocking: The French Navy’s Deteriorating Fighter Fleet!

Shocking: The French Navy's Deteriorating Fighter Fleet!

Exposing the French Navy’s ambition to update its aging Rafale M fighter-bombers, this article offers a deep dive into modern military aviation. Yet, the next-generation combat aircraft, eagerly awaited by the Navy, will not be operational until 2040 at the earliest. A long wait for the force eyeing to replace its worn fleet. 2024-30 Military … Read more