“Wave of Fear: Revolutionary Super Sonic Strike Missile in the Making”

Germany and are in the early stages of creating a revolutionary supersonic anti-ship missile known as the Super Sonic Strike Missile [3SM] Tyrfing.

Minister Bjørn Arild Gram of Norway has made the announcement about this ambitious project. The missile development is being spearheaded by a prominent Norwegian collective, Kongsberg. With an anticipated completion date set for 2035, this initiative is running on a long-term timeline.

Partnership with Germany

Germany, viewed as Norway's indispensable defense equipment ally in , will be working in tandem with Norway on the 3SM Tyrfing project. This partnership follows a series of successful defence collaborations between the two nations, notably the Leopard 2A8 tanks of German architecture currently in service with Norway.

The partnership between the two nations extends beyond terrestrial assets, with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems [TKMS] currently in the process of delivering four 212 CD type submarines to the Royal Norwegian Navy.

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Purpose and Future of the 3SM Tyrfing

The overarching purpose of this project is to gear up for impending threats by enhancing Norway's defensive capabilities with the help of a new long-range missile. The endeavour is believed to be a significant step towards the continued development of technologically sophisticated abilities that hold strategic importance.

The aspiration is not just to build an appealing missile for Norway but to create a weapon system that is attractive to NATO members and their allies as well. Thus, this project isn't merely a bilateral endeavor but potentially has implications for the broader Alliance.

Other European Anti-Ship Missile Projects

While the 3SM Tyrfing is a major project, it is not the sole next-generation anti-ship missile project ongoing in Europe. France and the , recently joined by , are all working on the development of their anti-ship missile, the FMAN/FMC [Future Anti-Ship Missile / Future Cruise Missile]. The FMAN/FMC project is expected to be operational by 2030.

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