Billion-dollar Venture: Thales Launches Groundbreaking Project

, a leading technology company, is set to spearhead a groundbreaking project aimed at enhancing the collaborative combat prowess of European ground forces.

Thales' remit involves the orchestration of several combat systems including 's and Sweden's Ledningsstödsystem Mark, both of which are integral to the operations of European ground forces.

The LATACC program, initiated by the European Commission in 2022, was launched to foster interoperability between these disparate systems. The overarching goal of the project is to fine-tune and expedite decision-making processes and responses by allied forces.

A wide array of tasks will be undertaken as part of the project, notably the synchronization of actions across different ground combat systems and guaranteeing compatibility with other zones and civil systems.

Funding and Partnerships

To ensure the smooth commencement of the LATACC project, the European Commission has put forth a funding agreement worth 49 million euros. The project spans several European nations, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, Belgium, Spain, , Sweden, Austria, and Norway, and involves 34 industrial and research partners.

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Upcoming Activities

Within the next three years, the LATACC consortium will delve into the requirements of the ground forces, conducting studies to pinpoint common operational scenarios and establish interoperable open architectures.

Furthermore, the project will capitalize on the strong innovation abilities of the participants in areas such as cloud technology, sensors, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Testing of these elements will occur in realistic operational conditions and during large-scale demonstrations.

Impact and Future Prospects

In addition to enhancing interoperability, the efforts put forth under the LATACC initiative could potentially be applied to future European tank projects. Thales, in leading this venture, envisages that the project will help uphold the sovereignty of the European industry in collaborative combat and the key technologies required to make this concept viable.

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