Discover Why Poland is At the Forefront of Paris Olympic Games!

Unprecedented security measures are being put in place for the Paris Olympics, highlighting a concerted international effort to ensure the safety of the games amidst potential threats. Leading the pack is , with its offering substantial support.

Increased Threat Level

The security concerns stem from recent disturbing events. Notably, the Afghan branch of the Islamic State, EI-K, claimed responsibility for an attack in Moscow. Consequently, the threat level has escalated, leading the French internal security directorate, DGSI, to call for a contingency plan. The security risk is expected to remain high from the beginning of the Olympics on July 26 until the end of the Paralympics on September 8.

Comprehensive Security Measures

Poland Joins the Fray

On March 28, Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, the Polish minister, announced that Polish armed forces would be part of the international coalition set up by to buttress Olympic preparation and security. A task force of Polish soldiers, including bomb-sniffing dogs, will be deployed to Paris. Their role will primarily involve explosive detection and counter-terrorism measures.

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The Ministry of Armies, initially unaware of the international coalition, has since confirmed that several countries will enhance security in critical areas, including canine capacities. The Ministry of the Interior also sought assistance from foreign entities to bolster internal security forces during the Olympics.

German Federal Police Involvement

German Federal Police operational forces will also be on the ground in Paris. They will be tasked with protecting the ‘House of ' and the ‘German Sports Festival' at Jean Bouin Stadium. In a show of reciprocity, French agents will assist German patrols, particularly during France's matches in the 2024 Euro football tournament.

An Opening to Remember

Despite the heightened security concerns, the games promise to kick off with a spectacular event. The opening ceremony will feature a unique six-kilometer aquatic parade that will traverse from Bercy to Trocadéro.

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