Attention: France Takes the Lead in Arming Ukraine with Artillery!

Attention: France Takes The Lead In Arming Ukraine With Artillery!

France is leading the charge in supporting Ukraine with artillery systems, setting a precedent in terms of international cooperation and military support. Delivery of CAESAr Artillery Systems to Ukraine France is planning to deliver 78 CAESAr artillery systems to Ukraine. So far, 49 systems have been supplied, with 30 coming from the French Army’s inventory … Read more

Discover Why Poland is At the Forefront of Paris Olympic Games!

Discover Why Poland Is At The Forefront Of Paris Olympic Games!

Unprecedented security measures are being put in place for the Paris Olympics, highlighting a concerted international effort to ensure the safety of the games amidst potential threats. Leading the pack is Poland, with its military offering substantial support. Increased Threat Level The security concerns stem from recent disturbing events. Notably, the Afghan branch of the … Read more