Attention: France Takes the Lead in Arming Ukraine with Artillery!

is leading the charge in supporting Ukraine with systems, setting a precedent in terms of international cooperation and support.

Delivery of CAESAr Artillery Systems to Ukraine

France is planning to deliver 78 CAESAr artillery systems to Ukraine. So far, 49 systems have been supplied, with 30 coming from the French Army's inventory and 19 from .

Shared Financing for Artillery Systems

Not only is France driving the initiative, it's also encouraging European and allied countries to help with the costs. As a result, Ukraine is chipping in with the purchase of six CAESAr systems, and Paris has committed to finance the production of an additional 12 systems for about 50 million euros. The remaining 60 systems will be financed by members of the coalition, with Denmark promising a financial contribution.

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Accelerating Production and Delivery

Nexter (KNDS France) and its subcontractors are set to increase production to six systems per month – three times more than the rate in 2022. This is made possible by the establishment of assembly lines, taking a leaf out of the automotive industry's book to ensure supply and reduce delivery times. There are plans to double production again to 12 systems per month.

The CAESAr: A Symbol of the Coalition

The CAESAr has become a symbol of the coalition, given the significant surge in its production. The aim is to meet the needs of Ukraine and those European NATO members looking to acquire weapons systems for collective defense and deterrence.

Addressing Delivery Time Constraints

In the past, contracts were missed due to delivery time constraints, particularly in Eastern . This undertaking is a positive step forward in addressing those issues, ensuring that support is delivered both efficiently and effectively.

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