Revealed: The Secret Weapon of Air Parachute Commando n°30!

The Air Parachute Commando n°30 (CPA 30) is set to be equipped with tactical lightweight drone systems, promising a new level of flexibility for special operations.

The lightweight , of the MAME (Medium Altitude Medium Endurance) type, can be used for intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance. As the preferred unit within the Air Special Forces Brigade for small contact drones, the CPA 30, specialising in close air support, reconnaissance of summary terrains in hostile areas, and search and rescue in combat, is implementing the future MAME/SDTL drone.

Call for MAME Drones

In the past, Admiral Laurent Isnard made a request for the of a MAME drone with an electromagnetic intelligence payload and the ability to carry low-load armament. Admiral Isnard's successor, General Éric Vidaud, likewise advocated for the acquisition of MAME drones.

Drone Solutions

Several companies are offering solutions to meet the demand for MAME drones. EOS Technology designed the MAME “Endurance 900” drone, Survey Copter (an subsidiary) offers the CAPA-X, and is planning an evolution of its Spy'Ranger.

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Military Investment

The Programming Law 2024-30 foresees an investment of 2 billion euros to modernise and strengthen the capabilities of the French special forces. This significant investment reaffirms the strategic relevance of these technologies and is expected to provide a significant boost to the operational capabilities of units like the CPA 30.

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