Unprecedented Military Pact Shakes Up Canada: What You Need to Know

Unprecedented Military Pact Shakes Up Canada: What You Need To Know

La récente annonce, en septembre 2021, de l’accord de coopération militaire AUKUS, impliquant l’Australie, le Royaume-Uni et les États-Unis, a suscité une large attention internationale. Ce pacte a non seulement provoqué une certaine inquiétude au Canada mais a également ouvert des discussions sur une possible expansion de l’accord. Des secousses au Canada L’annonce de l’accord … Read more

The Hidden Truth Behind US Air Force’s New Strategy

The Hidden Truth Behind Us Air Force's New Strategy

The US Air Force is planning a strategic move – the refueling of the retired F-117A Nighthawk by the KC-46A Pegasus, a project in progress and expected to be completed by March’s end. The KC-46A Pegasus, a product of Boeing, is currently certified to fuel 97% of the US military aircraft. Although the F-117A Nighthawk … Read more

“First Ever Australian Poseidon Jet in La Réunion: What You Need to Know”

For the first time, the P-8A Poseidon, a maritime patrol aircraft, has been dispatched by Australia to the La Réunion. Australia has chosen this location due to its strategic position in the Indian Ocean, which allows an increased focus on the strategic implications within the region. This deployment forms an integral part of Australia’s strategy … Read more

How an EU Grant Skyrockets Nexter’s Modular Charges Production!

How An Eu Grant Skyrockets Nexter's Modular Charges Production!

Nexter, a leading producer of modular charges for 155mm shells, is set to increase its production capacity significantly, thanks to an EU grant. This exciting development comes as the demand for modular charges is on the rise due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Understanding the Artillery Ammunition Artillery ammunition is usually made up of … Read more

Exclusive: Rheinmetall Secures Billion-Euro Armored Vehicle Contract

Exclusive: Rheinmetall Secures Billion Euro Armored Vehicle Contract

Rheinmetall, a Germany-based company, recently bagged an order for an additional 123 Boxer armored vehicles, commanding a whopping 2.7 billion euros. Initially intended as European cooperation, the Boxer combat vehicle program took a surprising turn. The program was supposed to involve France, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands, but the withdrawal of France and UK set … Read more

The Fearful Giant: France’s New Behemoth Submarine

The Fearful Giant: France's New Behemoth Submarine

Work has officially begun on the construction of the first third-generation nuclear ballistic missile submarine, known colloquially as the SNLE 3G. This event, held in Cherbourg on the 20th of March, saw an assembly of key French military officials and significant participants of the defense industry. The Driving Forces Behind The Program The program’s leadership … Read more

Inside the Terrifying Drone Crash in Poland

Inside The Terrifying Drone Crash In Poland

Following a loss of control, an emergency landing in Poland was necessitated by a US Reaper drone. The US Air Force’s Miroslawiec base in Poland, managed by the 52nd Operations Group, has been operating these MQ-9 Reaper drones since 2018. Operational Practices Majority of these drones are commandeered from the US, with American military personnel … Read more

Moving towards advancements in military training, the Royal Air Force (RAF) is contemplating a successor for its Hawk T2 training aircraft. The RAF’s current training protocol, which has been in place since 2004, may be due for an upgrade. RAF Training Process The training begins at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell with the Tutor … Read more

Attention: Massive Shake-Up in French Citizen Reserve

Attention: Massive Shake Up In French Citizen Reserve

Discover the intriguing world of the French Citizen Reserve (FCR), a unique system that allows civilians to serve their nation and the military in a volunteer capacity, utilizing their skills and experiences to benefit the armed forces. Until 2021, the FCR volunteers were assigned a military rank which was reflective of their educational and professional … Read more

Bulgaria’s Air Security at Stake: Discover Why

Bulgaria's Air Security At Stake: Discover Why

The Bulgarian Air Force is now utilizing civilian aviation radars for airspace surveillance, due to budget limitations. The current means offer an incomplete coverage of Bulgarian territory, raising security concerns, especially over the Black Sea region. Priority for Air Surveillance The capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, is now giving more significance to the improvement of … Read more